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Honeycomb Cavern is a fast roll and write game for one or more players set in the universe of our intrepid explorer and treasure hunter Sadie Cat. The game should take under 5 minutes to play and is presented in a book format so it is easy to take with you and store on a shelf.

The game has players rolling dice, moving along a collapsing tiled room, collecting treasure, and avoiding fire from the dragon statues. From the first roll to the final roll, every decision is important to escaping with the most points or falling into the cavern below.

How to Play

You'll first need to secure three six-sided dice. I've decided to leave physical dice out of the pledges so as to keep costs down for you. And if you're unable to secure three six-sided dice, there are many great free mobile apps that will do this for you.

Below you'll find the basics of gameplay:

  • Start on the center hexagon and fill it in.
  • Roll three six-sided dice
  • Choose one to be the direction you move and the difference of the other two to be the distance that you move.
  • When you move, draw a line from the starting hexagon to the ending hexagon. Fill in the ending hexagon.
  • When you move, you may not cross over an existing line or filled in hexagon. You may also not end your movement on an existing line or filled in hexagon.
  • JUMPING: A player is also given the ability to "jump" three times a game. When you jump, move in a straight line any direction two hexagons away. You may jump over an existing line or filled in hexagon. You may not end your jump on an existing line or filled in hexagon. Fill in the hexagon you end your jump on. Do not draw a line when jumping.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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