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POTENTIAL BUGS AHEAD: This demo build could have bugs in it, so please be kind. The idea is that you get to try out the mechanics to Pim Pam before pledging on Kickstarter! If all else fails or it crashes, hit that "RESET" button or refresh the page!

GAMEPLAY NOTE: This digital demo does not include the "Wild" card, which is part of the physical game.

Pim Pam is a ping pong themed card game that's quick to learn and quick to play. It's perfect for when you only have a few minutes but want to have some fun. The 18 cards fit easily into your pocket or purse so you can take it anywhere!


Play a card. A card can be played if it is one less, the same, or one more than the current card on the Play deck.

Two players are matched up against each other and compete in a fast game of ping pong. Players take turns playing a card from their hand. You can only play a card if it is one less, the same, or one more than the card in play. If you're unable to play a card your opponent scores a point. First to 5 points wins!

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AuthorShenbot Makes
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