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About The Game

"7 Pies" is a solitaire card game where you are trying to fulfill seven (7) pie requests with the ingredients from the marketplace. The marketplace can be a little finicky though and you're only able to exchange what you have with what the marketplace has as long as you keep the ingredients in descending (top to bottom) order. The game emphasizes a zen-like atmosphere as the slow and intentional act of moving ingredients around fills the core of the gameplay.

How to Play

  1. Exchange a card from your hand with a card from a column in the Marketplace.
  2. If the sum of the three (3) Ingredients in your hand equals the value of the current Pie recipe, that Pie recipe is now fulfilled. Set the Pie recipe card and Ingredient cards from your hand aside.
  3. Flip over the next top Pie card face up. This is the next Pie recipe card you will attempt to fulfill.
  4. Draw three (3) cards from the Ingredients Deck. This is your new hand.

The game ends in victory if all cards from the Pie Deck have been fulfilled. The game ends in failure if you are unable to fulfill the current face up Pie card.



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