This tool will help you figure out...

  • How much is each credit worth?
  • How much is each ticket worth?
  • How much does this game actually cost?
  • How many tickets do I need to break even on a single play of this game?

How to Use This Tool

  • Credits Purchased: how many credits did you buy?
  • Credits Cost: how  much did it cost to by those credits?
  • Item Ticket Cost: how many tickets does this item cost?
  • Item Real World Cost: how much does this item cost in a store?
  • Game Cost in Credits: how many credits does it take to play this game?


Have you ever wondered how much that ticketed prize at the arcade is actually worth? Or how many tickets you have to win at a game to actually break even? It shouldn't surprise you that by obfuscating the money amount by using a "credits" and "tickets" system that you end up spending way more than if you bought the thing outright.

This tool will help you understand how much you're spending and level your expectations! I fully encourage you still have a great time at the arcade, but hopefully you'll be able to go into it feeling a bit more informed on your game choices.

Good luck out there!

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