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A downloadable game for macOS

Thank you for purchasing Aurora Strike Wrestling Group: Live! Look for this seal on all software and accessories for your video gaming system. It represents Alexander Shen’s commitment to bringing you only the most average, sometimes above-average, quality products. Items not carrying the seal have not been approved by Alexander Shen, but are probably pretty good too.

Press "1" or "2" to access the two different game modes.
1: Human vs Human
2: Human vs CPU

Player 1: WASD
Player 2: Arrow Keys

Left / Right: Move your wrestler left and right
Up: Counter (uses 1 orb)
Down: Lunge (uses 1 orb)

Deplete your opponent's health by beating them in the mini-game, countering their lunge, or successfully lunging at them. If two wrestlers collide, the mini-game will start.

When the mini-game starts, you will be presented with a 4-key combo that you must press in order. If you are able to complete the 4-key combo first, you will score the hit.


ASWG Live (mac).zip (21 MB)
ASWG Live.swf (6 MB)

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