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You now possess the elusive Bag of Wording!

Bag of Wording is a word template (think Mad Libs) game where you supply the right words to create a truly unique, magical item to help you on your adventure. Maybe it's a CRUSTY OLD MUFFIN to strike fear in the hearts of those bandits. Perhaps it's a STINKY PURPLE SOCK you slap the slime with. It's up to you!

Word games are really fun, but those with extensive vocabularies tend to have the advantage (you should see my Words with Friends losses). Bag of Wording is created in a way where even if you don't end up getting the highest score, you still have fun creating a unique item to aid you on your quest. And depending on how the puzzle is laid out, the simplest ROUND RED BALL hitting the dragon could do more damage than a CURSED SHADOW SWORD!

How to Play

  1. Write three words with words up to 6 letters long.
  2. Make sure each type of word that matches the label in that section (adjective, noun).
  3. Copy the letters from the letter circles to the circles in the Attack Letters section. If there are letter circles without a letter, for example writing a word with fewer than 6 letters, the corresponding circle in the Attack Letter will stay empty.
  4. Match every letter in the Attack Letters section to the corresponding letter points. Write that point value in the rounded square on the bottom of the puzzle.
  5. Add up all of the rounded squares for a total point score.
  6. Write the words in order on the blank lines on the quest.
  7. Try to get the highest score possible. It is also fun to just aim for a fun item and quest result!

Every single Bag of Wording puzzle is different with the layout of the words, attack values, and quest. Maybe you're attacking a skeleton today. Maybe you're trading with a mermaid tomorrow!

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