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Inspired by trick-shot videos, Card Ball has you throwing cards, as balls, onto a target in hopes of having the high score between you and your friends/enemies. With many different styles to play, you'll soon learn that those trick shot videos are actually really hard to do... I mean, you'll have a BALL of a time!


  1. Toss the Goal Card somewhere in the middle of the playing area.
  2. The last player to participate in a sporting event goes first. They are the active player.
  3. Give the active player the 2 remaining Ball Cards. If there are multiple players, players take turns after both Ball Cards are played.


  1. The active player tosses a Ball Card toward the Goal Card.
  2. If the Ball Card overlaps the Goal Card: The player scores the number of points equal to where the corner of their Ball Card touches the Goal Card. If it falls between the lines of two point areas, go with the lower points.
  3. If the Goal Card overlaps the Ball Card: The player subtracts the number of points equal to where the corner of the Goal Card touches their Ball Card.
  4. If the corners of both cards touch: This is effectively beating the game and you automatically win.


Taking turns after tossing both Ball Cards. The first player to 250 points wins.



When tossing the Ball Card, slide it instead. This works well on a smooth surface, like a table. Beware there is a higher chance to have the Goal Card overlap the Ball Card in this variant. 


When tossing the Ball Card, drop it instead from at least 12 inches from the table.


When tossing the Ball Card, flip it instead. The best way to achieve this is to have part of the Ball Card over the edge of the table before flipping it.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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