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What is “Cozy Chronicles”?

Cozy Chronicles is a solo journaling game that takes you on a week-long vacation to experience the calmness of distant lands. Maybe you'll visit a quaint town and travel to the top of a mountain for the most majestic views. Maybe you'll try to cut through some jungle brush and drop your sandwich in the process. The hope is that you get to roll dice, journal a little every day (morning, afternoon, evening), and get a moment in your busy day to take a breath.

Components Needed

  • Cozy Chronicles Die (1d8)
  • A bunch of dice (d4, d6, d8, etc)
  • A Cozy Chronicles “Distant Land” expansion booklet
  • A Cozy Chronicles Journal

How to Play

The game is played across 21 turns (3 turns a day: morning, afternoon, and evening across 7 days). Whenever you complete a turn, write your Journal entry. The game phases are :

  1. Roll: Roll 1d6
  2. Interact: Interact with the value rolled
  3. Journal: write your Journal entry
  4. End of the Day: after you have rolled and Journaled three (3) times, you are done for the day! It’s recommended you take a break and play again tomorrow, but this is completely up to you!


For every completed Event, regardless of what happens, record the outcome in your Journal. Make sure to record it in the correct section: morning, afternoon, or evening. There is also a section to doodle a picture if you’d like.


Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files:

Cozy Chronicles - Starter Set (rules, journal, distant land).zip 20 MB
Cozy Chronicles - Base Rules.zip 8 MB
Cozy Chronicles - Journal Pages.zip 8 MB
Cozy Chronicles Distant Land - 01 - Tilly.zip 3 MB


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This is so lovely! A perfect way to relax after a long week. I'm wondering if there are any more Distant Lands in the works? 

Yes! Thank you for asking!

I love it!

For Tilly, is there no Page 1 Back for it?

Correct! That would be the back of the cover. You could effectively just print out Page 2 front and back, fold it, and have all the info you needed.