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The game for April 2023 is...

You have a full day ahead of you. It's going to be just you, the lake, and a bunch of fish-like creatures waiting to join you on your journey for the most relaxing day ever. Day on the Lake is a light dexterity game that has you throwing a die in a lake print-and-play arena, catching fish, earning money, and upgrading your equipment. Will you be an angler champion this day on the lake?

Components Needed

  • 4x 8mm cubes
  • 1d6, 1d8, 1d10

How to Play


  1. Place a cube on: the first Rod spot (d6), 10 turns remaining, 0 Money, and 0 Money.
  2. Shuffle the Lake cards and deal a random one face up in the Fishing Hole.


  1. Roll a die corresponding to the current Rod level onto the Lake card.
  2. If the die is touching a Fish on the Lake card, check to see if it is caught. If it is caught, move the Money cubes accordingly. It is caught if the value meets the "catch" criteria listed on the Fish.
  3. You may spend $5 at any time to upgrade your Rod.
  4. Aim for the most Money after 10 turns.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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