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Pockets of energy have been found throughout the lands and it is your job to find them, collect them, and sell them for a tidy profit. The only issue you have to deal with is the ever changing winds and what you actually stumble upon. 


  • 1x scoring sheet
  • 1x deck of playing cards (52 cards, no jokers)
    • Fun variant: use any deck of 52 cards as long as there are 13 of each suit. You can play with mana from Magic: The Gathering or energy cards from Pokemon!


  1. Shuffle the cards
  2. Lay out a 5x5 grid of face up playing cards (25 cards)

How to Play

  1. Remove a chain of same suited cards by selecting one suit and then moving orthogonally to card suits that match.
  2. You may not move to a card that has previously been used.
  3. Remove these cards from play.
  4. Check the box that matches the number of cards removed.
  5. Move all cards the “Fall Direction” listed on the current turn.
  6. Refill the blank spots so you have a full 5x5 grid of face up playing cards. Refill from the top, left to right.
  7. The game is over when one of the following occurs, whichever occurs first:
    1. You are unable to create a 5x5 grid of face up playing cards.
    2. You have completed the 9th turn.
  8. If you can’t make a match of 3 or more, shuffle all cards on the board and mark X’s in all spots this turn.


  1. Sum up the number of checks you have for each column (3, 4, 5, 6, and 7) and put it in the rounded box.
  2. Multiply the number of checks by the score multiplier below it and write it on the line below.
  3. Sum up your points for your final score.


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