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The Galactic Survey Corps' mission is to protect the history of life by exploring, preserving, and researching all cosmic entities on their tireless journey across the universe. Thanks for all the fish.

How to Play

  1. Start at the “Start” space on the board. The “Start” space counts as any value and any type.
  2. Draw a straight line in any direction (orthogonal or diagonal) to a valid spot.
  3. Mark off the appropriate spot matching the type (marking off from left to right).
  4. Continue until there are no valid spots remaining.
  5. Score the research.

Valid Spot

A valid spot is one that:

  1. Is either the same value (ex: 3, 4, 8, etc.) or the same type (ex: planet, moon, star, etc.)
  2. Has not had a line drawn through it already

Note: You are able to travel through spots that have a line drawn through it already.

Valid Move

4 Comet → 4 Sun

(matches the value)

Invalid Move

4 Sun → 4 Star

(already has a line through it)

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

If there is a valid spot available, you must travel to it.

Final Scoring

Add up the points from each type for your final score. It is possible that collecting too many of a type can lead to negative points.


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Galactic Survey Corps Rules with Demo.pdf 1 MB
Galactic Survey Corps - 100 Maps.pdf 36 MB
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I downloaded the rules--said there would be a demo with it but I'm not seeing it. I don't quite understand how to score it. Looks fun but I'm not 100 percent sure how it is to be played either. 

Thanks for any feedback.


The demo are the 3 maps included with the instructions. The full version has 100+ maps. I'll put up a video soon showing how it should be played!


This looks like fun! Are the maps specially arranged or would it work as a card game?

(1 edit)

This should work as a card game. 5 suits, 9 cards for each suit. 1 card for start. You'd likely shuffle the cards, deal out 35, insert the 1 card for start, shuffle again, then make a 6x6 grid.

Clearly I had thought about it. lol