Tested on: iPhone SE (i.e. the "new" iPhone 7), iPad Pro (10.5 inch)

Screen Sizes: 640x352 (iPhone), 1024 x 704 (iPad)

Orientation: Horizontal

Screen Sizes: iP


Has anyone else figured out how to scale your game to fit on itch.io? Anyway.

I haven't had a ton of luck finding a definitive post or advice on how to optimize GameMaker Studio 2 HTML5 exports on itch.io specifically. I find sharing my games on itch.io is just the easiest thing to do and have never figured out the right resolution to make a game show up properly and playable.

I went through a few random guesses and landed on this one. Hopefully this is a useful tool for you when you do your HTML5 exports from GMS2 to play on itch.io.

Other Settings


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It would be nice if it had multiplayer