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I thought it would be funny to have a game that has one of those super long titles you see in recent manga or anime titles.


Retrieve all 5 gems from the dungeon and return back to the starting space before time runs out.


  1. Begin at the "START" space on the map.
  2. Move your character.
  3. Mark off the next spot on the Time Track.
  4. Action (listed in priority order)
    1. Activate Switch
    2. Collect Gem
    3. Spawn Trap


You are allowed to move orthogonally to another space if there are no walls blocking the way. You may not move into a space that has a trap in it. You may travel off the edge of the map and appear on the other side if it is open (i.e. no wall in the way).


Every time you move to a new space, mark off the next spot on the Time Track. If the spot you mark off is a circle, you must spawn a Trap somewhere on the map.


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