Monthly Subscription?

How would you feel... about a monthly subscription where you get 2 different dungeons on this nice cardstock delivered to your house (plus other goodies like tokens, stickers, etc.)? It would be two variations of the same dungeon, different loot lists for you to mix and match. Here is a sample of what they look like. A print-and-play option is also available where you can get both maps digitally. And as always, the first dungeon will be free and available on

Pricing is $10, but that includes postage. Digital pricing would be $2.

Please leave your thoughts below!

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Yes, I think you should go for it. I don't know if you are familiar with Button Shy Games, but gaming on subscription is doing pretty well for them (check out their Board Game of the Month Club on Patreon). I think it might be the new wave of boardgaming. Software-as-a-service and subscription videogaming are turning profits.

You might even do a mid-level where it's just the one title, no add-ons or something.

Best of luck!