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WARNING / DESIGNER'S NOTE: There's a lot of die rolling in this one! I've been re-reading Hellboy and wanted to change up the mix a bit. Would love to know what you think!

There’s a bit of trouble at the museum and they’ve sent their best paranormal investigator to take care of it. Watch out for that frog creature! It really hops.

SPECIAL CONDITIONS: Victory can only be achieved if you earn 5 Victory Points. If you run out of Time before reaching 5 Victory Points, you lose.

--- What is Morning Coffee Dungeon? ---

Morning Coffee Dungeon is a dungeon crawling puzzle that can be completed with your morning cup of coffee. Limiting randomness to the treasure/loot drops, each delve into the dungeon is more a series of calculated decisions. Will you be able to complete the campaign with the most victory points?

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What Do I Need to Play:

  • 1d12
  • 1 hero marker
  • 1 monster marker
  • 3 bullet chits / markers
  • 5 Victory Point chits / markers
  • 10 Time chits / markers

Rules / How to Play

  1. You may move your character to any spot. It may not move diagonally, through walls, or piles of rubble.
  2. Your character may only attack a monster by shooting it.
  3. If your character enters a new “jump” area, the monster jumps to a new spot.

Battle Rules (Complete in Order)

  1. SHOOT: Your character may only shoot if it has bullets. Every bullet subtracts a Bullet.
  2. SUCCESS: A successful shot is determined by rolling 1d12. It is succesful if that value is larger than the distance between your character and the monster (shortest path, no diagonals, ignore Line of Sight rules). Success earns 1 VP.
  3. JUMP: Any kind of shot, successful or not, results in the monster jumping to a new spot.
  4. RELOAD: Replenish your Bullets to the maximum, but doing so forces the monster to jump.


Roll 1d12 to determine where the monster jumps to. Whenever the monster jumps, you lose 1 Time.


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A3 laminated. I just had to try it, Little bit confusing in the beginning - Just waste bullets to make it jump? Or/and park H.B at square below 9-10 and wait? Clear kill spot. 

Wow I haven't played this in a while, so apologies if my brain's a bit rusty. Shooting results in the time being subtracted, so you effectively get 10 shots before time runs out. Parking on the square below 9-10 is a strategy, but you could definitely increase odds to hit if you were closer. It's a good point though.

hello there :)