Memory Box #01 is from Sadie Cat and her trip to the local game center, winning a prize from the claw machine.

Memory Box memory upload service has been introduced to the island of Tilly. Residents are sending in their memory boxes to be digitized for posterity. You are tasked as a Memory Box Agent to go through these boxes, learn about the memories attached to them, uncover secrets, experience the memories to the fullest for the highest fidelity.

A short narrative series of games with surprises in each box. Maybe there's a secret URL that will take you to a film you should check out. Maybe there's a hidden game underneath it all. Perhaps there's a brand new B-Side that you never knew existed.


Arrow Keys: Cycle through the different items in the memory box.

Memory (Z): Learn more about the memory.

Examine (X): Take a closer look at the memory.

Interact (C): Interact with the memory.

When is the game over?

When you have completed auditing the entire memory box and have ensured the highest fidelity you will be able to upload the memory box. Each memory box is evaluated differently to obtain all three stars. Maybe you just have to unlock at all the memories? Maybe you have to locate a secret? It's up to you to discover!

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