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Pronounced: mo - doe - dun - jo

Mododunjo provides a great foundation for building dynamic, customizable dungeon maps. With a variety of different tiles to choose from and methods to deploying those tiles, you can create everything from winding corridors and secret passageways to sprawling chamber rooms and trap-filled pits.

How to Construct

  1. Download the PDF. Each tile is 1.9" x 1.9". They should fit a standard 2" x 2" tile.
  2. Cut out the tiles from the paper.
  3. Glue each cut out tile to a physical tile. Physical tiles are typical 2" x 2" wooden tiles.

How to Use the Tiles

  1. Turn the tiles face down and shuffle them. Rotate them. Really mix them up.
  2. Decide on the dimensions for your map. Maybe it's a 3x3 map. Maybe it's a slim 4x1 map. Maybe it's shaped like a tetromino shape.
  3. Flip over a tile, one at a time, creating the map meeting the dimensions you decided in step 2.
  4. Feel free to rotate any of the tiles if they create dead ends or accept that they are secret passageways instead. It's up to you!

How to Play A Simple 2-Player PVP

  1. Create a map to play in. Recommended to start with a 3x3 (9 tiles).
  2. Start one player on a square in one corner of the map and start the other player on the opposite corner of the map.
  3. Decide who goes first. They are the Active Player.
  4. Roll 2d6. Choose 1d6 for yourself. Your character must move in a straight line until it runs into a wall. If it does, rotate 90 degrees and continue until the full movement is met. If your character has to rotate twice or more on a single space, immediately end the turn.
  5. Give the other 1d6 to the other player to do the same movement rules as described above. They are now the Active Player.
  6. After both players move switch who goes first.
  7. If you enter the same space as your opponent, both players each roll 1d6. The player with the higher value wins the battle and scores a point. If a player enters the same space as their opponent and they have movement remaining, then that remainder is added to the battle roll as a bonus (e.g. player rolled a 5, opponent is 3 spaces away, that means 2 is added to their 1d6 combat roll). If it's a tie, the Active Player wins.
  8. After combat, reset the map and players.
  9. First player to 3 points wins.


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