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Embark on a thrilling adventure filled with monsters, bravery, and, of course, pancakes in 'Monsters Over Pancakes'! Assemble your party, choosing from a range of themed characters like the spicy Fired Up Rat or the goopy Slime Cube, and dive into the treacherous dungeon. With strategic dice battles and clever use of items, players must defeat a series of monsters while ensuring at least one party member remains standing to savor the victory feast of pancakes.


Defeat the last Monster with at least one Party Member still conscious. Someone needs to be awake to eat those pancakes after all.


  1. Create Your Party: Shuffle the Monster Cards and draw the top 3 or manually select 3 Monsters. Place them in front of you face up. Choose 1 to be the Active Party Member. Place a Health Token at the top open spot of each of your Party Members.
  2. Draw an Item Card: Shuffle the Item Cards and draw the top card.

Setup the Dungeon: Place 9 Monster Cards face down in one of the following configurations: Diamond Shape or Dual Lanes

How to Play / Phases

  1. Flip
  2. Battle
  3. Repeat Flip and Battle until you are defeated or you have defeated the final Monster.


  1. Choose the next Monster in the Dungeon to flip over. Progress in the Dungeon is made horizontally, determined by columns. There will ultimately be 5 Monsters to battle in the Dungeon.
  2. Flip over the Monster card face up.
  3. Place the Dungeon Marker on that Monster card. The current face up Monster will be known as the Active Monster.
  4. Place a Health Token at the top open spot on the Active Monster.


  1. Gather the corresponding dice matching your Active Party Member and the Active Monster.
  2. Roll the dice and arrange them matching the order of your Active Party Member and the Active Monster. Do your best to not arrange them to any one’s advantage. Just line them up in order.
  3. Compare the values from top to bottom and resolve damage. For every point of damage, move the Health Token down one.
  4. If neither the Active Party Member nor the Active Monster are defeated, Battle again.
  5. If the Active Monster is defeated, draw 2 Item Cards and choose 1 to keep. Place the other at the bottom of the Item deck. Continue to the next Flip phase.

What are Dice Cards?

Don't have the means to create a bunch of custom dice? Download the "Dice Cards"! These cards offer you 2 sets of the 4 dice, so you can at least do one dice battle at a time.

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Can this game be played solo? If so, would I be playing 1 monster or playing the party of 3 monsters? I already donated, downloaded and printed the game. Just wondering if I am going to be 1 person or pretend to be multiple persons. Thanks.

yep it’s a solo game! You have a party of 3 monsters with 1 active at a time.

Awesome! Thanks for the prompt reply.