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Find the matching number on the grid and color in the corresponding color! That's it! Make sure to you take your time and enjoy the process.

Pixel Hunt Puzzles?

While doing homeshcooling for my 2nd grader, there was an exercise where they had to color specific squares in a number grid based off of a list of numbers. At the end of it it would make a pattern or spell a simple message like “hi”. He had fun doing it, so I thought it could be interesting to expand on that with a larger number grid as well as a few colors.

I landed on 16x16 as you can get some pretty fun images out of that grid size.

Here are a handful of puzzles I put together. Hope to make more of these and share with others!

The key to the Pixel Hunt Puzzle is take your time and enjoy the process.

Fun fact: the name “Pixel Hunt” is based on the point-and-click adventure game trope of pixel hunting. This is where you have to locate a very specific object on the screen that is so small, with no clues to where or what it is, that you’re literally combing through the scene one pixel at a time to see if the mouseOver event will change. I hated those puzzles.


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PXH Sampler - 7 Puzzles (PDF) 5 MB

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