In the year 30XX, the planet Earth is on its last breath. Humanity has sent its last chance out into space in hopes of keeping the human race alive. You are piloting the "Successor Drone" in hopes of making it far enough to find the next planetary destination that can sustain life.


  • Arrow Keys: Move the drone ship left or right


This is a longest distance type of game. Try to see how far you can get as you travel further and further into the depths of dangerous, uncharted space. It's been said that the abundance of drone destroying asteroids is astronomically higher the further you go out. 

Tips and Tricks

The difficulty of the game UPGRADES when you see the exclamation mark on the upper-right corner of the screen. This means the lanes get closer. Eventually the lanes will no longer have straightaways either.

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I'm quite sure this is not meant to happen

lol I'm speechless. Not even sure how to track down this bug. In any case, nice moves!

If it's any help, I just died and was probably pressing random buttons, then it did this, and I let it running for a whle. 

I think it's something about the script that starts the game, maybe you listen for button presses before you actually make the text appear, and when it registers a button press, it starts the game whether you have seen the text or not. 


I enjoyed this simple and fun game, good job!

maaaan. "In the year 30XX" You should change it to be "Year 3310" :D.  Also What does [!] flashing icon means in the game? 

The "!" means the lanes are going to get a little closer together!

Nice game, however I'm pretty sure it is not 84x48 pixels

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lol it's definitely 84x48 -- here is the title screen. I take that as a compliment if it seems I'm doing more within the limits!

(2 edits)

I'm sorry to tell you, but I really doubt that you can fit so many positions in just 84 pixels. Movement is far too smooth to be snapping on a grid, so I would definitely say this is not entirely 84x48. I'm not saying the art isn't applying to the rules. What I'm saying is that the player shouldn't be allowed to be in between two pixels (and trust me it's a nightmare to get it working in unity).

Other than that, it's a great game! Keep up the good work!

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I appreciate the conversation. I just want to make sure that I'm not missing something dumb. I honestly don't think there are any subpixels going on here.

The minimum movement for the ship is 1. In the code it's "x += global.playerSpeed" (which is 1). I've uploaded a video with it changed to key press. You can see the 10x10 ship has 74 positions it can be in. When running at full speed, it looks a lot smoother. If I put the game down at 30 frames a second or 15 frames a second, you can definitely see the locking in place.

Someone let me know if I'm off base here. Thanks!

And here it is running at full speed. Same 74 positions.


Sorry, I didn't catch those little steps. That is some really well coded movement, great job!


This is a really cute and satisfying little game! I enjoyed playing.

really good but i dont find the upgrade needed for the jam (maybe the time get faster) idk but good game, is 100% better than mine

I admit the difficulty being "upgraded" is definitely a stretch. Fortunately, the theme is optional!

I love the simple gameplay, though, I just want to let you know it doesn't satisfy the game jam rules :(

What I mean is the "float" moving. Moving between pixels basically.

You could try fixing that by introducing a fixed 84*48 grid! Good luck!

(1 edit) (+1)

It shouldn’t have any float or subpixel movement in the game. All movements are done at a minimum of 1 pixel at a time.

It’s the main reason I couldn’t add parallax scrolling for a starry background. They move the same speed as the ship, 1 pixel per update, so it just got too fast and chaotic.

Happy to share the source if people need to see it.

fair enough! I think my eyes must've been fooling me then xD


lol I'll admit this one is pretty brutal on the eyes after a while. Thanks for playing!

Creator top score: 5187

Eyes kind of hurt now. lol


got 4104! nice game :)


Nice little game! 4511 ! WOOT!


Good game i got 3645 as a high score