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I've never coded in Lua before. Thought the first step into the world of Playdate would be to make this incredible screensaver. Enjoy?

If you need help sideloading games via USB to your Playdate, you can read their article here: https://help.play.date/games/sideloading/

Updated 10 days ago
Published 11 days ago
AuthorAlexander Shen
Tagsdvd, Playdate, screensaver

Install instructions

The .pdx file is inside the .zip file. I'm hoping that works?

How to sideload games via USB to your Playdate: https://help.play.date/games/sideloading/


DVD.zip 22 kB


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Got this error while trying to sideload through the Playdate site. "The bundleID field is missing from pdxinfo."

Looks like USB sideloading is the only option right now.


Had to sideload via USB, says missing bundle ID when sideloading from playdate site. Works well otherwise, awesome work! Looks super clean.

Thanks for the info! Appreciate you downloading it. Hope it brought a smirk/smile to your face. :)