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Get ready to till the soil and sow the seeds of success! In our new single player tile laying game, you will become a master farmer, harvesting crops for the most points possible. Carrots, tomatoes, and potatoes are the crops of choice, and your goal is to cultivate the most fertile fields and maximizing your harvest. With easy to learn gameplay this game will challenge you, test your skills, and bring out the farmer in you! So grab your tools, get ready to get your hands dirty, and become the top farmer in the land.


  1. Shuffle all Crop tiles and place them face down to create the Draw pile.
  2. Shuffle all Market tiles and place them face down next to each other.
  3. Turn the first Market tile face up. This Crop is worth 1 Point each at the end of the game. The remaining two Market tiles will reveal which Crop is worth 2 Points and 3 Points each at the end of the game respectively.


  1. Draw a Crop tile from the Draw pile.
  2. Place it face up anywhere on the table.
  3. Draw the next Crop tile and place it face up adjacent to any Crop tile already in play in any rotation.
  4. SCORE: If any of the sides of the recently played Crop tile match the sides of adjacent Crop tiles, score 1 Point for each matching side.
  5. Continue play until all Crop tiles are played from the Draw pile. Proceed to Final Scoring.


The moment you have reached 10 points, flip over the remaining two Market tiles.


  1. Find the largest contiguous group of each Crop in play.
  2. Multiply the number of signs in that contiguous Crop by the Market value to determine the value of that Crop.
  3. Add up all Market valued Crops to your existing score.

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