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Looking for expansions or templates? Check out the collection for all entries: Quests Over Coffee Collection!

Quests Over Coffee: Journeys is a fast, easy to pick up, solo adventure card game where you explore in depth a quest from the Quests Over Coffee quest board. Each journey spans multiple cards, where the choices you make can lead you to one of multiple outcomes. Pick your favorite character, your favorite brew, and go on an adventure today!

What's included: The Base Game has almost everything you need to start playing! You just need some dice and a deck of playing cards and you're good to go. The Base Set includes a short story-based Journey (i.e. story with choices) as well as a "High Score" Journey where you just beat up on some baddies. There's a player aid and a D&D conversion card too. Oh! It also includes 6 promo Enemies my eldest, Oliver, drew.


  • 52-card playing card deck (to create your Luck Deck)
  • 1x Journey Deck
  • 1x Character Card
  • Other Decks as Described by the Journey Deck
  • 8d6 (minimum is 3d6, but 8d6 just in case!)


  1. Choose a random (or not) Character Card and place it face up.
  2. Create your Luck Deck based on the stats on your Character Card. Use standard playing cards, matching suits to all base stats (e.g. ♥ 4 means add 4 ♥ cards to your Luck Deck). Shuffle. Place this face down near your Character Card.
  3. Choose a Journey and all of its cards to create the Journey Deck. Find the Starting Card (1A) and make sure it’s on top of the Journey Deck.
  4. Separate all other cards into their respective decks (e.g. Enemies, Bosses, etc.). Shuffle them.
  5. Grab your favorite brew and start the game!


  1. Journey Phase: Read the face up Journey Card on the top of the deck.
  2. Choose Phase: Choose an option available on the Journey Card.
  3. Resolve Phase: Look at the stats for the option you chose. Roll 3d6 and add to your Character's base stats. If the summed value is greater than the Success Criteria, you are successful. Go to the next Journey Card next to the success symbol (O). Otherwise, go to the Journey Card next to the failure symbol (X).
  4. Repeat Phases 1 - 3 until the Journey ends or you have no more cards in your Luck Deck.

What Next?

Make sure to follow this game as new Journeys, Characters, Enemies, and card types become available! As always: Quests Over Coffee games will always be free print-and-play games for you and the community. Thank you for checking out the game!

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AuthorShenbot Makes
GenreCard Game
TagsPrint & Play, Singleplayer, Solo RPG


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I noticed that the back of the cards don't seem to line up with the front... might just be me not doing it right but it is offset by around a 1/4 of an inch. Anyway, really love your games! Hope I can figure this one out.

I just noticed it appears as Journey 3, is Journey 2 the King Tournament or did I miss a Journey?

Yeah, King Tournament was Journey 2.



Loved the game! Played the whole journey. Eagerly waiting for more Journeys.

I'm glad! Hoping that at some point along the journey you had a laugh.


The worst thing about translating a game like this, is that you spoil the story xD

I know, right? Making games like this also spoil the story for me too!

Hahahahahah its true!


I have a question, I'm translating the game, I've finished the job... or almost. There is something I don't know what it is. On the card "D&D Conversion" it says: "...when checking DC or AC..." What is DC and AC?

DC is Difficulty Class and AC is Armor Class. It's what you roll against to see if your action is successful or your attack is successful. It's definitely a Dungeons & Dragons thing.