Rules v2.0 Released - 2-Player Mode & Companions

New v2.0 rules are out! Includes a 2-player cooperative mode (spoiler: my head-to-head 2-player mode has to go back to the drawing board). Also includes rules on Companions, which will be included in November's expansion release: Enemies.

Thanks for sticking around!


Quests Over Coffee Rules v2.0.0.pdf 1 MB
13 days ago
Quests Over Coffee - Base Set - v2.0 (single cards & sheet)
13 days ago

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I can't see any changes to the cards in the upgrade from v1.2 to v2.0.  Did any cards change?   Are the rules the only change?   When do we get companions?  Is there any cake left?

No cards have changed for v2.0, just the rules. The Companions will be included in the end of November expansion release!


Thank you, very exciting! I had just sent off for a UK printer to print them so was hoping there wasn't any card changes :)