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In a land not so far away, in a town you probably don't remember, there is a coffee shop that specializes in quests and, well, coffee. They like to tout that they're the only place where you can get a cup of decent coffee and complete a set of quests (with included fame and fortune) before you finish the last drop. Will you partake in this marketing ploy thinly veiled as a call for adventure?

Patreon goodies now available to anyone who wants to purchase them! If you're a Patreon member, you should have a link where all of these items are free to access. Patreon members: you should be able to access it via: https://alexandershen.itch.io/quests-over-patreon/patreon-access 

Note that these goodies are Quests Over Coffee card game specific, so things like Companions, Items, Quests, and so on. Spin-offs aren't included here.

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Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Quests Over Coffee Promos - August 2022.zip 4 MB
Quests Over Coffee - September 2022 Promos v2.zip
Quests Over Coffee - October 2022 Promos.zip 3 MB
Quests Over Coffee - November 2022 Promos.zip 6 MB
Quests Over Coffee - December 2022 Promos.zip 6 MB
Quests Over Coffee - January 2023 Promos.zip 4 MB
Quests Over Coffee Promos - April 2023.zip 2 MB
May the 4th 2023 - Quests Over Coffee Promos.zip 3 MB
Quests Over Coffee - Promos - June 2023.zip
Quests Over Coffee - Promos - August 2023.zip 7 MB
Quests Over Coffee - October 2023 - Promos.zip 3 MB
Quests Over Coffee Journeys - November 2023 - Promos.zip 1 MB
Game Crafter Files - All Cards - Volume 1 (individual PNGs with bleed).zip 44 MB
Quests Over Coffee - CNY 2024.zip 4 MB
Quests Over Coffee - 2024-04 - Mouse.zip 10 MB

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Hi Just getting into Quests over coffee. (looks neat) I've backed your gamefound page But paid for your content here since i wanted the promos. I was wondering  are the PNP files that are provided for in the gamefound pledge going to be universally formatted the same? I've noticed some of these files have different single page orientations some are easy to rectify by the way i "re-feed" the page in the printer. Ideally they are PDF and I can just print duplex. But some of these are gutterfolded some are horizontal layouts some are duplex friendly.   Or is there somewhere I can learn how to take your PNGs and format them so i can do single page duplex? (I have no background on doing this stuff but I can learn and would happy to contribute back the finished files back to you if that helps.)


I use GIMP since it's free. I learn to format png from this channel.



Thanks for playing! I also got recommended this tool: http://pnpbuddy.com/

I haven't tried it myself, but people have talked about it on Martin's  PnP Facebook group.

The creator of the website suggested it to me on another PnP FB group and it works great! Happy to to contribute back if you want the final PDFs I built with it. Thanks for a great game!


If you purchase this already, do you have repurchase it again if there's an update or new stuff added to it?


Nope. You should always have access to this page moving forward!