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What is Retail Junk Activity Sheet?

I love toys and games. Plastic junk is my kind of junk. My desk and shelves are full of figures, toys, board games, all sorts of stuff. I certainly do not have a lonely desk. As time has gone on I have found myself adding to cart and having a tinge of regret when it gets to my door. Did I actually really want this thing? Was it impulse? Maybe if I had focused some energy before making the purchase choice I would have really understood if I wanted it or not.

How do I use Retail Junk Activity Sheet?

  1. Find the thing you want to buy.
  2. Attach the photo and choose 5 colors to represent the item in question.
  3. Fill out the lined section with a description of what it is. 
  4. Write the value of the item on the bottom right.
  5. Then you start coloring. 

There are 100 squares, so color 20 squares per color. To make it intentional, color each square separately (i.e. don't do a broad vertical stroke to do 10 squares at once). Take the time to color each square well. Make it deliberate.

After you've colored the sheet, ask yourself do you still want the item? If you do, do this sheet again. Create a new pattern. If you don't, you've curbed that retail impulse!

When do I stop doing this activity sheet?

I personally count each square as $0.01. So if the item is $5.00, I will do 5 sheets and ask myself if I still want the thing. If I do, then I've certainly spent a valid amount of time thinking about the item and considering its purchase. Then I add it to cart and have it appear at my door, knowing that I've spent time really considering its purchase.

The goal isn't to "cheat" the sheet. This is for you and you alone. If you really just want to go buy the thing, go buy the thing! I just know for myself I have had a tendency to 1-click order stuff without thinking and it's like, "Oh. Hm. I guess I want this? I'll put it with the other stuff."

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Cool idea! Very creative. Thanks for sharing it. :)


Thank you! I hope you find some peace with doing the activity or at least feeling better when you click "add to cart". :)


this is brilliant! though i just want to colour in all the squares, not sure i care about the thing.... unless the thing is new colouring pencils ;)
seriously though, i've shared it on FB with my family cause I have small nieces and nephews who this would be great for. and older nieces, nephews and friends who could also probably use it.

Thank you for the kind words! I've already curbed my enthusiasm over that She-Hulk figure, but I'm still working on that Bluey & Winton 2-pack. After a sheet I still want it.