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Snok is a head-to-head roll-and-write game where players move their Snoks throughout the board, trying to trap their opponents, and simply running through them to be the last one standing. Inspired by Snake and other snakey games, this one balances risk and reward with strategic dice selection. Check it out and slither to victory today!

How to Play

  1. The Active Player rolls 3d6. The Active Player may take any one of the 3d6 as their value. The Second Player may take any one of the remaining 2d6 as their value.
  2. The Active Player assigns their chosen value to one of their remaining Snok heads and draws a valid path.
  3. The Second Player assigns their chosen value to one of their remaining Snok heads and draws a valid path.
  4. The Second Player is now the Active Player.
  5. The game continues until a Player wins.

Drawing a Valid Path

  1. Start at the head of the Snok and draw consecutive, adjacent, squares equal to the value you chose. Fill in the new squares that you have drawn except the final square, which is the new head location. Write the value that you chose in that head square.
  2. The number of squares you fill in will ultimately equal the value you chose.
  3. You cannot draw a square that has previously been filled in or go through walls.
  4. You must fill in the full amount of squares. If you are unable to, the Snok is defeated.
  5. The Snok must travel as far as it can, even if you know it will be defeated.

Ramming Through Another Snok

You may have your Snok travel through the head of another Snok without being defeated as long as your Snok’s value is more than the other Snok. If you do this, the other Snok is defeated. You may not end your movement on top of another Snok head.

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Very simple and fun game. I believe it can be played by up to 4 people. And who knows, maybe if you increase the size of the map/board, more people will be able to play.

Awesome video! Thank you for sharing! I read the Nokia comment on your YouTube page. I definitely owned a Nokia phone with Snake.