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Why is there a paid version of the game?

I'm trying out a "Marvel Snap" kind of thing. Full game, rules, game boards, are FREE for everyone to download and play. If you want the colored version of the game (i.e. cosmetic variant), then you can buy that to show support. Let me know what you think. Regardless, thanks for checking it out!


The local Mining Grounds are a hot spot for resource gatherers and collectors alike. You'll find all sorts of crafting materials out there: wood, dirt, stone, Pure Slimes, and may even run into a treasure chest or two. But it's important that we also keep our own greedy nature in check! You take what you mine. If you don't have enough space for it, tough luck -- there's a penalty fee you'll have to pay. Best of luck out there!


  1. CHOOSE: Decide if you will stop or continue mining. If you decide to stop, the game has ended and proceed to Final Scoring. If you decide to continue, proceed with How to Play steps.
  2. ROLL: Roll 1d6 to determine what Resource has been mined.
  3. DRAW: Draw the corresponding Resource in your Backpack of your Discard Pack.
  4. GAME END: The game ends if you…
    1. Cannot draw the corresponding Resource in your Backpack and Discard Pack.Take the Overmining Penalty and proceed to Final Scoring.
    2. Choose to not draw the corresponding Resource in your Backpack or Discard Pack. Take the Overmining Penalty and proceed to Final Scoring.


  • DIRT: Dirt is worth 0 points each.
  • WOOD: Wood is worth 2 points each.
  • STONE: Stone is worth 3 points each if there is an even number of Stone in the Backpack. Otherwise it is worth 1 point each.
  • PURE SLIME: Pure Slime is worth 4 points each. If there is any Wood, Gems, or Chests adjacent to the Pure Slime, those Resources are destroyed. Pure Slime cannot be placed adjacent to other Pure Slime. Destroyed Resources are worth 0 points.
  • GEM: Gems are worth points based on groups of adjacent Gems. Gems max out at a group of 6. For example: a group of 8 Gems is still only worth 21 points.







1 pt

3 pts

6 pts

10 pts

15 pts

21 pts

  • CHEST: For each Chest, roll 1d6. That Chest is worth that number of points.
  • DISCARD PACK: -2 points for each spot filled in the Discard Pack.

OVERMINING PENALTY: -X points equal to the value of the last 1d6 rolled. For example: you rolled a 6 and are unable to place the Chest in your Backpack or Discard Pack. The Overmining Penalty is -6 points.

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Neat little game :-)