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Demo and Full Version now available! Demo version includes 5 maps. Full version includes 365 maps -- one for every day of the year (+1 in case you're playing during a leap year)!

A dungeon crawling game that puts players in a maze that is literally falling apart. Players are not allowed to turn around, so their adventure through the dungeon must be completed in a single shot. The location of items and encounters are always the same, but the maze is ever changing.

Goal of the Game

Traverse through the Crumbling Dungeon and try to get the highest score possible.

How to Play

  1. Choose any Entrance at a corner in the Crumbling Dungeon to start from.
  2. Traverse through the maze, interacting with anything you encounter.
  3. If you interact with an item (Key, Chest, Gem, Health Potion), cross off the corresponding spot on your sheet as you have obtained that item.
  4. If you interact with a Monster, resolve combat (see: Combat).
  5. Remember: You are not allowed to turn around in the Crumbling Dungeon. It’s a single straight shot though. The floor is literally crumbling beneath your feet as you make your way through.
  6. Repeat until the game ends. Good luck!
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AuthorShenbot Makes
TagsDungeon Crawler, maze, pnp, Print & Play


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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The Crumbling Dungeon Rules - v1.1.pdf 237 kB
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Sorry,me again. I a bit uncertain about my starting starting attack strength. Is it 5 represented by the 5 empty squares in the same manner that my starting health is 5? Or is it zero and I add attack strength by marking an empty square each time i acquire a weapon?

BTW: Just like to mention I have enjoyed QOC and just downloaded, printed and played MOP. Posted a photo of MOP in Martin's Print and Play FB Group. 20+ likes in a day. John

I can see why that's confusing. It's the opposite of health -- your attack starts at 0 and you have to acquire a weapon to increase it.

Thanks again. Appreciate the prompt responses and explanations. Always a pleasure.

No problem! Thanks so much for playing!

I downloaded the demo version. You say it includes 5 maps. It appears to me that it contains the same map 5 times. I must be missing something. Please help me see what's different among the 5 demo maps. I'd like to get a sense of this before considering 365 maps. Thanks. John

Howdy - the location of the items is the same, but the map is different for each one.

Thanks for pointing that out. That's a plus. I did just compare the location of items & monsters & strength of the monsters. I only glanced at the mazes. 


Added the game to BGG! https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/388816/crumbling-dungeon





We loved the game, reminds me of this KS: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/brintown/tiny-paper-dungeons?ref=profile_sa...
Please publish a lil' book version (like that KS) of the 365 game. I'd back that! (I want the full thing, but particularly feel like printing 365 pages worth myself)

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That's a great idea! Already in process actually trying to figure out logistics. For you would you rather it be coil bound or perfect bound (i.e. regular book)?

Also I loved Tiny Paper Dungeons. That whole Paper Apps thing was awesome. The d6 for movement felt a little weird to me, but I totally understand the reason for it.


Either would be fine with me, i have the Tiny paper Apps coil bound, but also have sudokus bound like books (I regard those all as paper apps/games  and im in love with the paper games in booklets ideas, they make for quick fun grabs). I was actually starting to consider printing the 365 days per 1/4th of an A4, cut and perforate it myself, and coil it myself. To be honest I liked the crumbling maze dungeon better than the KS dungeon haha.

You could perhaps even make a combined book with Crumbling Dungeon, Magic Mine Cart, and maybe also the Circuit Squares; Maybe you could generate the last one with other mathematical permutations like subtracting, multiplication and dividing. For the classrooms! 

(I checked out a bunch of your table tops, will do some digital drawing for pimping up the pokemon dice somewhere this week)