• Press 1 - Load layout stage #1
  • Press 2 - Load layout stage #2
  • Mouse - click on a scratch-off spot


  1. Start at the Frog area. Click on one dot at a time in order.
  2. Cross the street to the Yellow Safety Area.
  3. Cross the river and park Frog in one of the Four Frog Ponds.
  4. Game stops when Frog is parked, or when player hits three skulls or one alligator.


  • 0 - 200 points: Snakebait
  • 200 - 500 points: Lily Pad Loafer
  • 500 - 700 points: Hopping Good
  • 700+ points: Frogger Supreme


Topps released a line of trading cards in 1983 called "Video City". In a pack of stickers and Bazooka Joe bubble gum were these scratch-off cards where you could "play a game" based on a license that was popular at the time (Frogger, Zaxxon, etc.). I wanted to digitize these to the best of my ability so folks would always have a chance to try them out!


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This is amazing!!