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Includes 10 puzzles! More to come! Stay tuned!

Game Description

Magical Mine Cart is a puzzle game where you navigate a mine in an effort to grab as much treasure, monster trophies, and make it to the exit in the right number of moves. The tricky part is that while the Magical Mine Cart can move in any direction, it will continue to move that direction until it hits a wall!


1. Players start on the "start square" on the map. The start square is represented by Sadie Cat in the Magical Mine Cart.


1. Try to reach the exit on the map in the exact number of moves while collecting as much treasure, monster trophies, and other goodies as possible. The exit is represented by the stairs.


1. You are allowed to move the Magical Mine Cart in any direction (orthogonally and diagonally).

2. When the Magical Mine Cart moves, it continues to move in that direction until it comes into contact with a wall (either the map edge or a wall square).

3. You are allowed to continue to move the Magical Mine Cart even if the number of moves has surpassed the "Moves" count allotted for the map. The "Moves" count allotted for the map is used for determining your "Move" bonus.

4. You may backtrack over squares you have visited before.


Each map will have different scoring rules (e.g. each treasure is worth a specific number of points). Typically, it will look like the following:

1. Move Bonus: if you complete the map in this exact number of moves, you receive the bonus.

2. Treasure Bonus: For each treasure collected, score points.

3. Monster Trophy Bonus: For each monster trophy collected, score points.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorShenbot Makes
Tagscave, dungeon, magical-lock, pnp, Print & Play, sliding, treasure


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