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Just a normal dungeon as any other. There are monsters. There are treasures. There is probably a mold problem. Our hero, Sadie Cat, finds themselves treasure hunting in hopes of finding some relief from their crippling student debt. Beware of gold thieves hiding in treasure chests!

SPECIAL CONDITIONS: Defeating a monster 2+ levels above earns you +1 VP (i.e 2 VP total).

Featured in Spring 2022 Casual Gamer Insider: Link Here

--- What is Morning Coffee Dungeon? ---

Morning Coffee Dungeon is a dungeon crawling puzzle that can be completed with your morning cup of coffee. Limiting randomness to the treasure/loot drops, each delve into the dungeon is more a series of calculated decisions. Will you be able to complete the campaign with the most victory points?

Want to make your own? Check out the free template!

What Do I Need to Play:

  • 1d12
  • 10 health chits / markers
  • 10 level chits / markers
  • 10 VP chits / markers

Rules / How to Play

  1. You may move your character to any spot. It may not move through walls or undefeated monsters.
  2. If your character encounters a monster, resolve Battle in order.
  3. You may leave the dungeon at any time. The total number of Victory Points (VP) earned is your score. If you lose all your health, you lose all your Victory Points.

Battle Rules (Complete in Order)

  1. Calculate Damage: monster level - your level = damage to you, with a minimum of 0. Example: Monster Level 5 - Your Level 3 = 2 Damage to you.
  2. Earn VP: if the monster is the same level or higher than your level, gain 1 VP.
  3. Gain Level: if the monster is the same level or higher than your level, gain 1 Level.

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GenreRole Playing
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So fun!! 

Thank you so much for playing!


Great work but hard decision... ;)