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Looking for expansions or templates? Check out the collection for all entries: Quests Over Coffee Collection!

As the popularity of the adventurers fulfilling quests reaches further parts of the world, their presence also brings with them turmoils of "being well known". Cultures and technologies clash! Is this magic? No, it's science! Science shmience, this is magic! Only you can wade through these petty fights and bring a fragmented fanbase together. Spoiler: it's science.

What is included in this expansion?

11 Quests, 6 Items, 1 Shop, and (brand new) 9 Environments! Rules v1.2 are also included in the .zip file just in case.

Where can I find the Base Game?

The Quests Over Coffee Base Game can be found here. Any Quests Over Coffee game requires 10 Quest cards and at least 6 Item cards, so it's best to start there if you don't have enough! If you want to play with Environments, make sure to read the most up to date rule set (1.2 or above)!

What is Quests Over Coffee?

Quests Over Coffee is a single player dice throwing game where you try to claim fame and fortune. With a some strategy, some items, and a little bit of luck, you can find yourself on the other side of the glory or in the pit of a grave.

The game is also a system that allows for you to create your own Quests and Items to experience. Let your imagination and experience run free!

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AuthorShenbot Makes
GenreCard Game
TagsPrint & Play, quests-over-coffee, Singleplayer, Solo RPG


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Quests Over Coffee - 03 - Science Shmience.zip 58 MB


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Great. Just in case, the single page PDF is missing page 2 front. Thanks for this game!

Should be fixed now. Thanks!

This looks fun, sadly the last page in the PDF seems to have the margins wrong so I can't print it properly :(


Weird! Should be fixed now.

The game is delightful, and the addition of environments and trading is fun! (Personally, I'd love to see more environments that make the game harder!)

By the way: - the cards “questionable medkit” and “chemistry kit” both reference rolling 1d6 with a result either of “1, 2, or 3,” or “3, 4, or 6” – I assume that’s meant to be “4, 5, or 6”? 

 Also, I’m not sure if it's actually from this expansion, but:

- I’m a bit confused about the “used 3-star badge” description – wouldn’t putting a 3-star badge on a 2 star quest make it cost 1 more money to add a die to the roll? It says it makes it require 1 LESS money, but I’m not sure why.


Good call on the Chemistry kit! I'll update that and fix it.

As far as "used 3-star badge" theming -- it's meant to be like a badge you earned, like an achievement or like a merit badge. In the Patreon promos, there's a 3-star badge you earn by accomplishing certain things and you get to wear it/use it without it taking up inventory space. Pretend you saw someone with a "professionally trained" patch on their jacket, you may give them more credibility and willingness to listen.

Awesome, thanks!
Ooh, knowing there's an actual 3-star badge item makes that one easier to understand! The only things I'd seen with stars on them were the quests, so I got a bit confused.


so excited to add to my game play.  SO much fun!!