Abandoned project -- but want you to be able to see parts of it!

Sadie Cat has won a three-hour tour around the island of Tilly. While on the trip, a stroke of bad luck causes the boat to lose all power and they must dock at a tiny island called Twigstone. Quaint and charming, Twigstone teaches us that some of the biggest things we can do in life can happen in some of the smallest places.

Twigstone is a walking simulator where you take the role of Sadie Cat in an effort to try to get back home. Along the way she will meet a colorful cast of characters, experience the local sights, and maybe save a life or two.


  • Unique hand-drawn aesthetic oozing with squiggly line charm
  • Frustration-Free Packaging for puzzles and story progression
  • Digestible game length to complete the main quest, with layers upon layers of secrets and collections for the player to discover

Frustration-Free Packaging for Puzzles?

While I love both Sierra and Lucasarts point-and-click games, I was never a fan of difficulty being measured by completely random moments where your character died or pixel-hunting-use-item-A-with-item-B rinse and repeat game play. That's why Twigstone takes the approach of what can be interacted with is obvious (they're in color). If you have the right items for progression, they will automatically be used when needed. 

I'm hoping this allows you to enjoy exploring Twigstone, the story, the characters, and the secrets, with as little frustration as possible.

What do you mean by layers upon layers of secrets?

The main quest shouldn't take too long to finish. What it does, however, is unlock New Game+. This mode is completely different with the main quest stripped away, but in its place are other secrets and things to experience. What could they be? You'll have to play to find out!

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